UPTET Exam Analysis 2022 | Exam Review | Difficulty | All Shift Analysis

UPTET Exam Analysis 2022 | Exam Review | Difficulty | All Shift Analysis – Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board has successfully conducted UPTET 2022 Exam Paper 1 at various examination centres on 23rd January 2022. The exam was conducted in two shifts, the first shift for the primary level (Paper-1) and the second shift for the upper primary level (Paper-II) will be held in the second shift. The UPTET Paper Review 2022 will be based on the feedback shared by our candidates. It is expected that the official answer key of UPTET can be declared within 7 days after the UPTET exam.

UPTET Exam Analysis 2022 | Exam Review | Difficulty | All Shift Analysis

UPTET Exam Analysis 2022 | Exam Review | Difficulty | All Shift Analysis

Organization Name Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board (UPBEB)
Exam Name Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (UPTET)
Category Exam Analysis
Exam Date 23rd January 2022
Job Location Uttar Pradesh
Official Site updeled.gov.in

Highlights of UPTET 2022 Exam Analysis

  • UPTET 2022 was conducted on 23rd January 2022 by UPBEB (Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Board).
  • The overall level of the UPTET exams was Moderate and as compared to the previous year paper was difficult.
  • The child development and pedagogy section were easier than the previous year. It can prove to be a scoring area.
  • Mathematics was calculative and most of the questions were came from advanced mathematics.
  • There was no major change in the language section.

UPTET Difficulty Level and Good Attempt

Subjects Good Attempts Difficult Levels
Child Development & Pedagogy 24-26 Moderate
Hindi Language  26-28  Moderate
English Language  25-27  Moderate
Mathematics 23-25  Moderate
Environmental Studies  23-25 Easy-Moderate
Overall  110-113  Moderate 

UPTET 2022 Exam Analysis for Paper 1

Sections Total Number of Questions Difficulty Level
Child Development & Pedagogy 30 Moderate
Language I (Hindi) 30 Moderate
Language II (English or Sanskrit or Urdu) 30 Moderate
Mathematics 30 Moderate
Environmental Studies 30 Easy-Moderate
Expected No. of Good Attempts 110-115 Questions Moderate

Section-Wise Exam Analysis of UPTET Exam 2022:

Child Development:

  • This section was easy as compared to the previous year.
  • More questions were asked from the learning and pedagogy topics.
  • Child development was the scoring subject of this exam because the most question was easy in both Paper.
Topic Questions Asked
Development Theory 4-5 Questions
Skinner Theory 2-3 Questions
Kohler Theory 1-2 Questions
Creativity 1 Question
Intelligence Theory 5-6 Questions
Trial & Error Theory 1-2 Questions
5 step system of lesson planning 1 Questions
Piaget Theory 3-4 Questions
McDougall (the number of instinct) 2-3 Questions
Good Attempts 24-26 Questions


  • The Mathematics section was the same as compared to the previous year.
  • In this section, most questions were asked from the number systems, percentage, mensuration etc.
Topic Questions Asked
Mean, Median, Mode 2-3
Cubes 1-2
Find the sum of an interior angle of a pentagon 1-2
Fraction 1-2
HCF 1-2
Work and Time 1-2
Square Root 1-2
Digit of Unit Place 1-2
Gauss (Analysis of Variance) 1-2
Area of triangle 1-2
Number of Positive Prime Integers <50 1-2
Find the breadth of a rectangle 1-2
Profit and Loss 1-2
When 121012 is divided by 12, the remainder is 1-2
Srinivas Ramanujan 1-2
Area of a Rectangle 1-2
Area of square and triangle 1-2
Triangle 1-2
Calendar 1-2
Simplification 1-2
Maths Pedagogy 2-3
Good Attempts 23-25 Questions

Environmental Studies: 

  • The EVS section was the same as compared to the previous year.
  • In this section, most questions were asked from the Basic environment and General knowledge.
  • EVS section was also scoring subject because the most question was easy.
Topic Questions Asked
Biodiversity 1
Characteristics of LPG 1
Components of Ecosystem 1
Tropics of Capricon 1
Who coined the ecosystem 1
The problem of water pollution with arsenic is maximum in? (Madhya Pradesh) 1
Deccan of Western Ghats in is drier because? 1
Wildlife Protection Act 1
Solar Radiation 1
Fundamental Duties are adopted from which country’s constitution? 1
In a Food chain of Grassland ecosystem, top consumers are? (Carnivorous) 1
Atmospheric layer near to earth’s surface is? (Troposphere) 1
Biodiversity Act (date) 1
Eco-Friendly agricultural practice (Shifting cultivation) 1
Acid rain 1
Full form of WWF 1
Valley of Flowers (Uttarakhand) 1
Which agency measures the pollution in India? 1
Location of Cotopaxi active volcano 1
Tsangpo River in India is known as (Brahmaputra) 1
Pole star (North Star) 1
when was Project Tiger started in India 1
Location of Kanha National Park (Madhya Pradesh) 1
Lucknow Pact of 1916 1
Where is Wild Ass Sanctuary? 1
What is Carbon Dating 1
National Anthem 1
What is Biomagnification 1
Abiotic components of the biosphere 1
Headquarter of Green Peace International 1
Good Attempts 23-25

UPTET Cut Off 2022

  • The Cutoff marks are the lowest possible marks that candidates must score to get qualified for the next stage.
  • Based on difficulty level and the number of candidates who appeared, the cutoff for different categories is declared.
  • It has been similar over the years.
Category % of Marks Required Marks (Out of 150)
General 60 90
OBC/SC/ST 55 83

UPTET Answer Key 2022

  • The UPTET will release the answer key of the written exam after a few days of conducting the exam.
  • With the help of the UPTET answer key pdf you will know the probable marks that you will obtain in the written test.
  • You can also raise an objection against the UPTET answer key released by the commission in case you find an answer marked by the commission to be incorrect.

UPTET Result 2022

  • UPTET will announce the result of the written exam and the final result on its website.
  • The UPTET result pdf will have the names of the qualified candidates who will be appointed to the UPTET .
  • We will provide you with the direct link to download the UPTET exam 2021 here once it is announced by the commission.

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